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We're Marching Out! HR artwork.jpg

June 30, 2020


Sky of Change: "We're Marching Out!" -  the energy needed unite to for civil rights, peace and fairness for all.

Our tribute to the quests for freedom and justice. Rock out with this one! 



November 01, 2018


Maple Bridge: "Creatures of Habit" - a great mix of meaningful songs. 


Relax, sit back and let the music in!

June 23, 2017


Debbie Goodman (with Dave Schweizer): "Sugar Monster" - a rocking Americana album for mothers, fathers and all others who like feeling youthful. 

Debbie's beautiful sultry singing rocks the internet on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Rhapsody and many other well-known websites. She also energizes many audiences fronting Debbie and the Good Man Band.  

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